Save the date…

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Hi Friends! I hope everyone is well. This coming July, I’ll be setting up shop at Renegade in San Francisco. Not only is this my first event since 2010, it’s the first time I’ll be sharing my complete collection. I’ll also have special limited editions and one-of-a-kind sample sales that aren’t available anywhere else. I’m a bit overwhelmed and stressed out about the prep going into this, but I’m excited about the opportunity to connect with old and new faces. I would love to see you there.

I keep my website up to date on product offerings, but If you want an in-person peek of my work at anytime, you can find select items at these locations in the Bay Area; click here for list.

Thanks and see you soon!


Happy Feet

Our Lane clutch has feet, so why not add feet to Billie and Tripper, too. Not just any feet, leather feet. Or, more like patches. Kind of reminds us of Grandpa sweaters with the elbow patches. We’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for sweaters like those; have yet to find a real gem. Maybe we’ll just make our own?

Our gal pal Prity is going to try out the first Billie made with feet. Custom made Billie coming your way, Prity. Photos below for a sneek-peek.