Next Top Model

Rizo had to do his business, so we had to drop our lunch and our bag to pick it up. This is Roxanne on the job with our handsome model. So far so good. We’re managing to stuff more than what we need inside. We carry our iPad in it, too… even if it is a little awkward. Tripper was better suited for that, but it’s OK… can’t have everything.


Another year. Doggone.

We didn’t eat any cake after all, but the animal seemed to enjoy it. Cake = flour, baking soda, veggie oil, peanut butter, egg, carrots, honey & vanilla. Frosting = yogurt & honey. Bake for 50 minutes. All natural, good stuff. The birthday boy ate about half of it. We’re going to leave it on the floor in hopes that he’ll finish it during the night. Don’t worry, he’s going for a morning jog tomorrow to burn it off. So he says.

Happy Birthday, dear Rizo.

Our furry friend turns ten today. This is a huge milestone for all of us. We pat ourselves on the back for raising such a mischievous, defiant and cunning animal. Filled with personality, its hard to believe he’s not human. Actually, he has more personality than some humans we know, but that’s neither here nor there. Tonight we are tasking ourselves with baking a doggy birthday cake that is also people friendly. Yep, we want to be able to eat cake with the birthday boy. There’s a few recipes we’ve found to be dog appropriate, but they certainly aren’t cakes we’d want to eat. Beef jerky pie with cream cheese icing? No thanks. Apple peanut butter cake with yogurt frosting? Pass. We figure the simpler and less ingredients, the easier and more palatable. Hopefully it comes out of the oven photo ready.

Operation Success.

One huge tooth extraction and two skin operations later, our mascot is one cranky animal. Thanks to a competent vet and her staff, the procedure went smoothly without any problems. We picked up our heavily medicated dog this afternoon, who had apparently been voicing his opinions and complaints to everyone at the clinic during the entire time he was conscious.  To your left, a photo of the monstrous tooth.  He’ll be back to normal in no time, making friends as usual.

Monday, Monday.

We had fun meeting new folks this past Sunday at Indie Mart. Our mascot, the fluffy white dog that you see in these photos, was also happy to greet visitors. A good time was had by all… nothing beats a hefty Bloody Mary on a Sunday afternoon. Peep more photos here.

Our “Name that bag” giveaway is still happening, but it will come to an end September 30th. If you haven’t put your names in the pot, what are you waiting for? Click here and don’t hold back!

Troubling news.
Our mascot is not the young pup he once was. Wish him the best as he goes into surgery tomorrow to have a tooth removed.  It’s a rather large one; three roots for just one tooth!  He’s also getting derma work done to rid himself of some pesky and unsightly… things. We’ll just leave it at that. Our awesome friend sent us these links on what questions to ask your vet before your animal goes under the knife. Those of you with pets should read these articles:
Link to Sfgate
Link to Examiner