We’re big on big bags and have been wanting to make a big tote. Something practical to take to work.  Something to fit an iPad, book, lunch, water bottle, cosmetic bag and other junk.  So we made Wynton.  Pockets?  Yes.  Two large on the outside, one zippered on the inside and two smaller ones for cell phone and keys.  Double zip closure + leather zip pulls + leather ‘boot’ + leather feet (aren’t those pretty feet? Italian tooled leather!)… Wynton is fancied up with all this.  We’re trying out this new thing were we’ve added a little ring for attaching a small clutch.  This was suggested by Joscelyn late last year and we’re finally getting to it now.  And that neat little ring we’re using?  That’s the stuff we picked up from the rummage sale… Rona, we found a use for them!  Haven’t made the clutch yet, but we’re on it.  Just couldn’t wait to share this with you. So. What do you think?  Would you carry Wynton? Say yes. Can we also point out that we matched up the stripes?!


Next Top Model

Rizo had to do his business, so we had to drop our lunch and our bag to pick it up. This is Roxanne on the job with our handsome model. So far so good. We’re managing to stuff more than what we need inside. We carry our iPad in it, too… even if it is a little awkward. Tripper was better suited for that, but it’s OK… can’t have everything.


Whew. Finished at last. Next time we make this we’re going to do it differently. For sure we’ll omit the lining, omit the binding and use a different leather. This stuff was way too stretchy and was a royal pain to work with. The shape is what we want, so at least it’s a start. We played with fire (literally) and burnt the ends of the threads over candlelight. That’s fun. But dangerous. Our fingers were almost toast and we singed a corner of poor Roxanne. Whoops… tiny little black smudge on white leather, would anyone notice? There must be a more sophisticated way to burn threads. Any case, we’re glad this one is done so we can stop avoiding it. We’re excited to use it. We love Tripper, we really do, but we’ve been with her since October. She’s been a real trooper, travelling with us, going to work with us, even to the gym… which was sort of unintentional, we were just to lazy to switch to a crappy gym bag. So, she’s been around. In a good way. Now it’s time to change it up. Roxanne is big.  We’re able to fit a light jacket inside in addition to all of our normal everyday junk. We made it with two super strong magnetic closures. The drawstring and tassle are there for purpose, but also just because we can. We like tassels and have been wanting a bag like this. We’ll carry Roxanne around until the next prototype needs testing.

This much is true.

Things we don’t like: okra, Celine Dion, making several of the same thing over and over and over again. We’ve been trying to get through a small batch of Tripper for the past couple weeks. We’ve realized that being a mass producer or manufacturer is not something we enjoy. We get satisfaction from turning a flat design into a real life usable object. Like, hey… we drew this… and then we made this… wow, we’ve accomplished something and now we can move on to the next project. Not, hey… we drew this… and then we made this… and now we’re going to make ten more of them. But if we don’t do it, nobody will. That’s the part that sucks. We’re at our own mercy. Sunday we did absolutely nothing. Actually, we take that back… we woke up at noon [with hangover], ate, read, napped at 4pm, woke up at 7pm, ate, went to bed at 11pm. We were awake for approximately 8 hours and no cutting, sewing or working of any kind got done. So tonight we felt had to crack our own whip and do some work. We’ve got 2 projects going and almost started a third. We stopped ourselves from starting a third and asked ourselves… why are we starting another project when we obviously have other ones we could be working on? The answer was simple. Because we’re bored and tired and don’t want to work on the projects we’ve started!! Lucky for us, tonight was a good night to have two projects going at once. The leather prototype needs tassels. We’ve searched the web for tassel tutorials and either haven’t found any we like, or the ones we like won’t work with leather. So we’re going to do it our way, whatever that may be. First, we had to use some adhesive which requires 24 hours of drying time. While that was setting, we went back to work on the small batch of Trippers. We have to be honest and fair to ourselves. Things we know we need: sleep, food, variety. We’re going to allow ourselves to have multiple projects going at once, as long as we finish them. ALL of them.

The sweet smell of…

…leather.  We used to hate that smell.  Many moons ago Dad had a speedy little Porsche Carrera.  It was painted a beautiful sparkly gun-metal with shiny black leather seats… that smelled awful.  It was the most powerful leather smell our nose ever encountered.  We complained about it every time we had to climb into that small and tiny excuse for a backseat.  One day we were out for a drive and almost fainted.  He had added some sort of air freshener to mask that overwhelming leather smell, which certainly didn’t freshen anything.  What it did was add a nauseating coconut aroma to the interior of the car.  We groaned about it then, but now we feel bad… and silly.  We didn’t realize that the smell of leather was actually a good thing.  So, even though this prototype has been a pain, it sure does smell nice.  It’s also starting to take some shape.  What was supposed to be a bucket drawstring bag might turn into something else.  The stuff we’re using is really soft [maybe too soft for what we want to achieve], but it feels nice.  Nice enough to use as a blanket.  And it’s white.  We love white.  White t-shirts, white jackets, white sheets, white leather.  Yeah sure, you have to be careful with white because it can dirty easily.  But dirt adds character and life.  Sometimes we actively seek out the worn in and aged, just so we can pay top dollar for things like denim.  Suppose bags are no different.