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Save the date…

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Hi Friends! I hope everyone is well. This coming July, I’ll be setting up shop at Renegade in San Francisco. Not only is this my first event since 2010, it’s the first time I’ll be sharing my complete collection. I’ll also have special limited editions and one-of-a-kind sample sales that aren’t available anywhere else. I’m a bit overwhelmed and stressed out about the prep going into this, but I’m excited about the opportunity to connect with old and new faces. I would love to see you there.

I keep my website up to date on product offerings, but If you want an in-person peek of my work at anytime, you can find select items at these locations in the Bay Area; click here for list.

Thanks and see you soon!


On point.

I’m familiar with the myth that all Chinese are good at math. So not true. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I failed high school trigonometry. I will however, pat myself on the back for being a whiz at algebra and geometry. They say creative and visual types tend to excel at geometry. I’ll drink to that. Angles and lines that form pointy shapes are cool.

Since I travel often these days, I found I needed a wallet to hold my passport and boarding passes. I took a pretty piece of camel leather that had a not so pretty marking on one end. Had to get creative somehow, so I started to doodle pointy shapes and found the diamond to be my perfect solution. It covered the mark, made a substantial foundation for a closure AND anything snake skin is awesome – in my opinion.

SONNY (named after my grandpa who saw more of the world than I ever will) is the beginning of my ‘ON POINT’ collection. What do you think…? Give me a reason to make him in more colors!

timmymays leather travel wallet_sonny_Fotor

timmymays leather travel wallet_sonny_2_Fotor

timmymays leather travel wallet_sonny 3_Fotor

foto frenzy

Yikes. We’ve let a lot of time lapse since our last update, but we have good reason. We’ve been busy worker bees making bags for ooma. What do we like best about this place? It’s friendly and welcoming store owner. Why should you shop there? Because they carry local labels and a unique assortment of goodies to get you dressed from head to toe. And because it’s located in North Beach where you can get yummy Italian pastries on every corner. Some things you’ll find on the shelves of ooma…

CHET is new! Simple clutch with leather detail and rivets. We’re really into rivets. Use this for cosmetics, too.

MILES is new! Wear this three ways: tote, crossbody, backpack!! That’s the best part. We made this because of the recent revival of the backpack. And because we wanted one for ourselves. Thanks to Bonnie for being our model =)

LOUIS is new! This bag is huge. Summer will be here soon enough and everyone needs a something to carry their beach towel and flip-flops. Use it for overnighters and weekend trips. Note the nifty leather closure and coconut buckle.

WYNTON in mix of prints. That zebra and aubergine stripe both have lining that’s been hand printed in Thailand, compliments of Roberta.

Wynton for you, Wynton for me.

Wynton in the red bird is going to Denae… who happens to be awesome and deserves an equally awesome bag.  The other one is for us to keep and carry around.  Hate to toot our own horn, but seriously… love this bag.  It’s big and roomy and holds all our crap.  Even our water bottle has a home.

Sitting at a red light admiring our Wynton.


We’re big on big bags and have been wanting to make a big tote. Something practical to take to work.  Something to fit an iPad, book, lunch, water bottle, cosmetic bag and other junk.  So we made Wynton.  Pockets?  Yes.  Two large on the outside, one zippered on the inside and two smaller ones for cell phone and keys.  Double zip closure + leather zip pulls + leather ‘boot’ + leather feet (aren’t those pretty feet? Italian tooled leather!)… Wynton is fancied up with all this.  We’re trying out this new thing were we’ve added a little ring for attaching a small clutch.  This was suggested by Joscelyn late last year and we’re finally getting to it now.  And that neat little ring we’re using?  That’s the stuff we picked up from the rummage sale… Rona, we found a use for them!  Haven’t made the clutch yet, but we’re on it.  Just couldn’t wait to share this with you. So. What do you think?  Would you carry Wynton? Say yes. Can we also point out that we matched up the stripes?!