Prity in Purple

Prity’s always been a stylish one, so we’re quite flattered that she’s out and about wearing one of our bags. Her custom-made Billie is trimmed in rich, deep purple leather… what a nice compliment to the scarf she’s wearing =)


A new year.

We don’t make new year resolutions because we can never keep them.  Although, we would like to blog more often [at least 3x a week], finish what we start and stop procrastinating.  Those are things we should be doing anyway, so we’d rather call them commitments.  Adding to the list: don’t fear commitment.  Happy 2011.

Love at first sight.

Thanks for visiting the last Market SF of the year. As always, we met many nice folks, several of whom were out-of-towners that stumbled upon the event. There was a steady flow of foot traffic and the bar was busy serving $5 Bloody Marys and Mimosas all day. Special thanks to Joscelyn who fell in love with our Penny and graciously posed for these sweet photos. If you missed us today, we’ll be at RAG SF next week on the 18th!

Oh, what a lovely day.

Today’s weather was gorgeous [and the Giants won].  Look at that sky!

Yesterday wasn’t so pretty.  It was cold, gray and drizzly outside Blue Macaw.  But, we were lucky to meet some nice people at the show.  We worked out a trade with our neighbor Ana from Chula Art – our Pepper clutch for her candy skull bracelet.  It’s a hefty piece; we like the clunky sounds the skulls make when they knock into each other.  Now that Ana has Pepper in Green Apple, that leaves only the Blueberry color up for grabs. We don’t have any more fabric, so once the monkeys are gone… they’re gone. 

Made our day.

What Mary loves about her Robin: the size, styling and the fact that it’s lightweight and roomy, too.  Can Robin be made as a cross-body?  Yes!  We’ll get working on that.  Thank you Mary, for sending us this photo… awesome! 

Mick, the only one of her kind has gone to a good home. That leaves Pepper as the last of the monkey family. She can be found in our SHOP:

We shipped Mick this morning to the same gal who named Rigby in our ‘name that bag’ giveaway.  May has been road testing her for the past month and sent us this great update of their time together thus far. Thank you for writing to us, May! Much appreciated.

I heart Rigby! I’ve had this beautiful bag for almost a month now and its proven to be durable and capable of holding everything I bring on a daily basis- cellphone, wallet, lip gloss, candy, Nook, Ipod! Its amazing that everything fit in such a small and slim bag. And it helps that its lightweight, so its perfect for everyday use or traveling. I haven’t changed bags since I got it! Oh, and I’ve gotten so many compliments on its unique design. Thank you, Timmy Mays!