Capsule & 15% off @ RAG

Stop by RAG and get 15% off now thru May 31st (not valid on sale items).  Mention that you saw my blog posting to get the discount, or give me your e-mail address and I’ll send you the coupon. 

On May 1st, you can also catch the Capsule event.  Local designers will be sprinkled among the streets of Hayes Valley selling their stuff.  Info below…


foto frenzy

Yikes. We’ve let a lot of time lapse since our last update, but we have good reason. We’ve been busy worker bees making bags for ooma. What do we like best about this place? It’s friendly and welcoming store owner. Why should you shop there? Because they carry local labels and a unique assortment of goodies to get you dressed from head to toe. And because it’s located in North Beach where you can get yummy Italian pastries on every corner. Some things you’ll find on the shelves of ooma…

CHET is new! Simple clutch with leather detail and rivets. We’re really into rivets. Use this for cosmetics, too.

MILES is new! Wear this three ways: tote, crossbody, backpack!! That’s the best part. We made this because of the recent revival of the backpack. And because we wanted one for ourselves. Thanks to Bonnie for being our model =)

LOUIS is new! This bag is huge. Summer will be here soon enough and everyone needs a something to carry their beach towel and flip-flops. Use it for overnighters and weekend trips. Note the nifty leather closure and coconut buckle.

WYNTON in mix of prints. That zebra and aubergine stripe both have lining that’s been hand printed in Thailand, compliments of Roberta.

free event @ LOFT 1513

Got an email from LOFT 1513 promoting their free event on April 7th. Clicked on this link and the photo below popped up. Those bags look really familiar… oh! Those are ours! If you’re cruising the neighborhood that day, go and check it out. They’ll be serving champagne at 7pm.

We’re in Rare Device!

This tiny, modern and inviting store has been around since 2007.  They stock lots of useful things for you, your BFF, your home, your kids… it’s also located in a great area for noshing. See for yourself: 1845 Market and Guerrero, and don’t forget to tell them know how awesome it is that they’re carrying our bags =) 


If you haven’t been here, you have to check it out. It’s a place filled with unusual treasures and neat vintage finds. It’s also a performing arts venue. Tonight they had “Guinevere Q’s Variety Show” – Poets, Puppets, Music, Comedy, Theater, And Other Assorted Experimental Shenanigans. The store carries a range of things from vintage bicycles, clay cooking pots from Paraguay, books on poetry and a small selection of our earthy Billie’s and Tripper’s! Read the nice write ups and reviews they’ve received by some folks like Daily Candy and Bay Guardian. We were lucky to stumble upon Viracocha one night during an after dinner stroll. It’s such an unassuming building and you’d easily pass it by if you were driving or in a rush, but once you get a peek inside you will be hooked.  And if you’re curious about the origin of the name, see what Wikipedia has to say.