Month: March 2011

meraviglioso, stupendo, magnifico, bellissimo!!!

Michael so graciously sent us these gorgeous skins of Italian leather.  He’s also the same guy that makes all those cool leather trims we’ve been putting on Wynton.  His stuff is all hand done in Italy.  Did you read that?  Hand done. In Italy.  That aged, antique looking finish that you see is all… hand done… in Italy (that was the last one, swear).  These articles are amazing.  And expensive.  Our photos don’t do them any justice.  We promised him we’d make something really nice out of these, but we’re feeling less than confident.  This leather is intimidating.  We’re afraid to get near it with our cutting shears.  It might be wise to run a trial pattern on some other material first. 

What would you make out of these? 


Wynton for you, Wynton for me.

Wynton in the red bird is going to Denae… who happens to be awesome and deserves an equally awesome bag.  The other one is for us to keep and carry around.  Hate to toot our own horn, but seriously… love this bag.  It’s big and roomy and holds all our crap.  Even our water bottle has a home.

Sitting at a red light admiring our Wynton.

We’re in Rare Device!

This tiny, modern and inviting store has been around since 2007.  They stock lots of useful things for you, your BFF, your home, your kids… it’s also located in a great area for noshing. See for yourself: 1845 Market and Guerrero, and don’t forget to tell them know how awesome it is that they’re carrying our bags =) 


Found these in an issue of Ars Sutoria.  The outfits… or the models… or…. maybe it’s because we’re not fashionistas, but we’re questioning this man with a printed scarf around his neck carrying a burgundy satchel in his hand [love the patent yellow coat, though!]  And the young girl dressed up in an ensemble better fit for a gal twice her age, toting a bag bigger than her.  Cute or scary?  Maybe it’s because we’re not fashionistas.


We’re big on big bags and have been wanting to make a big tote. Something practical to take to work.  Something to fit an iPad, book, lunch, water bottle, cosmetic bag and other junk.  So we made Wynton.  Pockets?  Yes.  Two large on the outside, one zippered on the inside and two smaller ones for cell phone and keys.  Double zip closure + leather zip pulls + leather ‘boot’ + leather feet (aren’t those pretty feet? Italian tooled leather!)… Wynton is fancied up with all this.  We’re trying out this new thing were we’ve added a little ring for attaching a small clutch.  This was suggested by Joscelyn late last year and we’re finally getting to it now.  And that neat little ring we’re using?  That’s the stuff we picked up from the rummage sale… Rona, we found a use for them!  Haven’t made the clutch yet, but we’re on it.  Just couldn’t wait to share this with you. So. What do you think?  Would you carry Wynton? Say yes. Can we also point out that we matched up the stripes?!