Month: January 2011

Prity in Purple

Prity’s always been a stylish one, so we’re quite flattered that she’s out and about wearing one of our bags. Her custom-made Billie is trimmed in rich, deep purple leather… what a nice compliment to the scarf she’s wearing =)


When one door closes…

(hopefully) another one opens. At 2AM we are filled with random thoughts that keep us wide awake. Here they are.

We are very bummed that Trunk closed their doors today. Our time with them was so short-lived. We’d like to think that they’ll be back someday in an even better location. Trunk… come back!!

We feel like Spring is just around the corner. Our allergies are only getting worse by the day and that’s usually the first sign that Spring has sprung. We’re also seeing a lot of brights in the magazines. Winter is our favorite time of the year because we like wearing dark colors and shades of grey, but we enjoy the warmer weather much more. With warmer weather comes punchier color. Like this lemon lime from one of our girlie reads.

On December 6th, 2010, Dave Brubeck turned 90. WOW. We first heard of Dave years ago while riding in the car with Dad. “Take Five” came on the radio. All we knew was that we loved that tune. Dad told us how hard it is to play, something about the beat count being unusual. That song uses quintuple (5/4) time, which is how the title “Take Five” was derived. We’re no musical genius, but we can appreciate others who are. We listen to 91.1 morning, noon and night. Dave gets a lot of air time on that station, alongside other greats like Sam Cooke and Duke Ellington. Happy birthday, Dave.

Happy Feet

Our Lane clutch has feet, so why not add feet to Billie and Tripper, too. Not just any feet, leather feet. Or, more like patches. Kind of reminds us of Grandpa sweaters with the elbow patches. We’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for sweaters like those; have yet to find a real gem. Maybe we’ll just make our own?

Our gal pal Prity is going to try out the first Billie made with feet. Custom made Billie coming your way, Prity. Photos below for a sneek-peek.

Change is good.

This web stuff is not easy. Even though we’ve used do-it-yourself templates, building a small, simple and modest site takes time. We have a new-found appreciation for web designers. It’s taken a week for us to build our site using DIY tools. Yola is great. And we’re not just saying that because our friend Laura works there. And we’re not getting paid to promote them either. They answer our questions and they answer them quickly. It’s nice to know we’re not alone and other people have the same problems, too.

We moved away from blog format and combined our on-line shop and main site into one. The on-line shop is now more of a custom offering. The plan is to continue to add tried and true styles to the custom shop. Our new homepage has a link to Facebook, Twitter, our blog, our Flickr account and our email. Our blog is staying with WordPress because we’re used to their format. Only thing is our blog address isn’t anymore, its, but you probably don’t need to know that. Most seem to access our blog posts from Facebook. We haven’t used Flickr in years, mainly because there was never much need to and partly because it seemed very complicated at the time. Now that we’re re-visiting, it looks like they’ve changed things around and made it more user-friendly. Or maybe we’re just not as dumb as we once were. Any case, we like Flickr now and will be adding photos of bags and fabrics as they come up. We’d like it to be a gallery of past, present and future.

There are still some coding things that we can’t figure out, even though we’ve scoured the internet for answers. We’re seeking help and have posted our plea on forums. One night we were up until 5AM trying to figure out how to make our hyperlink blue. Sounded easy and we thought we were doing everything we were supposed to be doing. We asked the forum for help. And even though we received an answer, it didn’t fix the issue. Not because it wasn’t right answer, but because we didn’t ask our question correctly. After screaming really mean things at our laptop and pulling out our hair we finally figured out our code was just in the wrong order. So we’re quite relieved (actually, thrilled is more like it) that we can move on to the next thing and check this off our list. The funny thing about website building is it’s never 100% finished, because there’s always going to be changes, updates and improvements. Sooo… there’s that to look forward to. We like our new site much better than what we had. It feels more personal… more who we are. But that’s just our biased opinion. It’d be nice to hear what you think. Take a look-see.


Whew. Finished at last. Next time we make this we’re going to do it differently. For sure we’ll omit the lining, omit the binding and use a different leather. This stuff was way too stretchy and was a royal pain to work with. The shape is what we want, so at least it’s a start. We played with fire (literally) and burnt the ends of the threads over candlelight. That’s fun. But dangerous. Our fingers were almost toast and we singed a corner of poor Roxanne. Whoops… tiny little black smudge on white leather, would anyone notice? There must be a more sophisticated way to burn threads. Any case, we’re glad this one is done so we can stop avoiding it. We’re excited to use it. We love Tripper, we really do, but we’ve been with her since October. She’s been a real trooper, travelling with us, going to work with us, even to the gym… which was sort of unintentional, we were just to lazy to switch to a crappy gym bag. So, she’s been around. In a good way. Now it’s time to change it up. Roxanne is big.  We’re able to fit a light jacket inside in addition to all of our normal everyday junk. We made it with two super strong magnetic closures. The drawstring and tassle are there for purpose, but also just because we can. We like tassels and have been wanting a bag like this. We’ll carry Roxanne around until the next prototype needs testing.