Month: November 2010

Crazy for cameos.

At last, we’re making use of this cameo. Taking a break from sewing (in part because the machine is out for tune-up but mostly because ADD kicked in again). Several months ago we scoured the internet for a cameo. There were many that we found appealing, but winning one on eBay was challenging. People are crazy about cameos, apparently. Us included. After a handful of lost auctions we snagged this one. We like that its reminiscent of Art Nouveau and would really like to believe its genuine shell… but the more we inspect the bigger our doubt. This started as a pin (that was broken, mind you). No use for a broken pin so we took our metal cutters to it and lopped of the unneeded parts. That left ragged and dangerously sharp edges so we buffed those down with a metal file. The sound was less than pleasant – think fingernails screeching across a chalkboard. The bail for this pendant was clumsy. It didn’t allow for the cameo to hang right side out and stay in place. JB Weld to the rescue. A dab here, a dab there and two jump rings later we have a customized bail. Sorted through the various findings, baubles and chain that we’ve hoarded over the years and put together a pretty piece that we’ll wear with our many plain white t’s.


We pledge allegiance…

I Took The Handmade Pledge!
Handmade is awesome, its original, it’s the skin and bones of indie designers and artists trying to make it this big bad world. Admittedly we’ve been guilty of shopping at Target, too. But honest to goodness cross our hearts, lately we’ve only been looking not buying. Why? Ever since we started this adventure we’ve met some talented folks and have seen their amazing work. We know what they go through to make what they make… truly a labor of love. Some of us do it for the pure joy of creating and if we make any money at all, that’s just icing on the cake. It thrills us to no end when someone takes a liking to our stuff. A few weeks ago we got an email from Kelly who saw us at Indie Mart. She said there was a bag she liked and couldn’t stop thinking about it… can she buy it? Hmmm… let us ponder that one… YEESSS!! When you buy handmade you’re putting a huge smile on the face of a starving artist. You’re supporting their love and letting them know how great you think they are. In return, your ass gets to trot around in something totally cool and… handmade. Take the pledge.

We got you, babe.

Nope, we don’t sleep. Its midnight and we’re loading new product into our SHOP. We’re really excited about this one. Sonny came about because our friend Amena asked for it. She wanted something kind of like Rigby, but a different shape – wider rather than taller. To take it even further, we made this bag convertible from crossbody, to shoulder bag to clutch. The cotton webbing strap is detachable and adjustable, flanked by solid brass swivel snaps. We love brass. The color, that fact that its heavy, durable and reminds us of the equestrian lifestyle… brass hardware makes us think of Ralph Lauren and his beautiful, glossy ads with horses, riding boots and breeches…but we digress. Sonny got her name from the snazzy duo Sonny and Cher, but also from our Grandfather. During the entire time we were making little Sonny’s we listened to classical music, just like Grandpa used to do all day long while lounging in his pj’s. Classical music puts some people to sleep and we can see why; it’s soothing and calming… exactly why we like it. Never did appreciate it when we were young [we do recall falling asleep at the symphony]. Now it’s the first thing we want to hear when we get home. All our bags are named after some sort of music reference, a tune, an artist a lyric… music gets us through the day. It makes being home alone not so lonely. It wakes us up in the morning and can totally change our mood. It reminds us of Dad when he was a drummer in his band and the funny, plaid, bell bottom pant suits they wore. We could go on and on but it’s nearly 1am, so maybe sleep would be wise. Give Sonny a look-see in a handful of colors and leave us a kind word. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

Counting down.

40 days to Christmas! Our favorite holiday. When you buy something from our SHOP from now until December 25th, shipping is on us. Just choose the ‘free shipping’ option at checkout. We’re working harder than Santa’s elves to get more product up. We just dropped off a bunch of stuff to Loft 1513 over the weekend, so if you’re on Church Street you should pop in and take a peek.

So Trunk’d.

We’re so happy to be a designer featured at Trunk. They’re right across the street from Toronado and Rosamunde. Beer, sausage and killer designer artsy fartsy stuff… all within 7 steps of each other. Trunk’s doors are open six days a week [closed Tuesday]. What a great place. Clothing of all flavors and styles, jewelry, hats and Timmy Mays handbags! It’s all put together so well, you can’t help but walk inside to touch everything. Fill your bellies with hops, barley and meat, then shop it off at Trunk. Be a doll and support your local artists and designers. We thank you in advance.