Month: October 2010

This Saturday.

This Saturday, October 30th, we’ll be setting up shop at Market SF. Come by! Eat, drink and be scary in your Halloween get-up.

Market SF had a blast at the Halloween themed show a few weeks ago!  Costumes were sold, prizes were raffled, mimosas were drunk… and all for the benefit of SCRAP.  (Yes, that second mimosa WAS for SCRAP!)
Since it turned out so well and because it feels good to do good, Market SF will be inviting a non-profit organization to come sit with us every Saturday.  This will give them a chance to pass out info and talk up their cause.  This week we’ve got Brea from The Art Institute to chat about their programs.
We’ve had a ton of fun since June with the weekly artist market and don’t want it to end! However (sniff sniff) our last show at the Blue Macaw will be on December 11… but we’ll be coming back in the new year at a new location!


 The Blue Macaw has been great to us (and poured tons of drinks for us) but now its time to set up permanent residence at a well-lit and high traffic spot.  We’ve been scouting some amazing locations and should be able to let you in on the secret soon.
Come see us this Saturday, visit the amazing artists and buy lots of cool stuff!

Some of the great stuff we have this week:

Peperina Girl is back with her notebooks made from recycled album covers.

Skull felt pins from Chula Art… just in time for Halloween.
Timmy Mays monkey print clutches are totally covetable.

To die for silver jewelry from Mangosteen.

Romey Designs is confused and so is her cow tee.


Made our day.

What Mary loves about her Robin: the size, styling and the fact that it’s lightweight and roomy, too.  Can Robin be made as a cross-body?  Yes!  We’ll get working on that.  Thank you Mary, for sending us this photo… awesome! 

Mick, the only one of her kind has gone to a good home. That leaves Pepper as the last of the monkey family. She can be found in our SHOP:

We shipped Mick this morning to the same gal who named Rigby in our ‘name that bag’ giveaway.  May has been road testing her for the past month and sent us this great update of their time together thus far. Thank you for writing to us, May! Much appreciated.

I heart Rigby! I’ve had this beautiful bag for almost a month now and its proven to be durable and capable of holding everything I bring on a daily basis- cellphone, wallet, lip gloss, candy, Nook, Ipod! Its amazing that everything fit in such a small and slim bag. And it helps that its lightweight, so its perfect for everyday use or traveling. I haven’t changed bags since I got it! Oh, and I’ve gotten so many compliments on its unique design. Thank you, Timmy Mays!

Robin with zip.

Big thank you to Mary for being the first to order from our shop.  She bought Robin in Cocoa, but wanted zip closures instead of the magnetic.  So, we customized one for her… Robin with zip was shipped yesterday.  THANK YOU!

Sometimes good things happen on Monday.

Friday night we misplaced the car key. Saturday morning we realized it was missing. We spent one hour searching the car, house and premises. With flashlight in hand we looked inside and underneath the car seats, bed, dressers, shoes, pockets, dog bowls, hampers and washing machine. Nada. Panic sets in and we post signs in six different areas asking for the finder of our key to kindly give it back. Luckily, we had a spare otherwise we’d still be confined to the house. Monday morning comes and we’re sitting at our desk getting ready to pay the bills, open up a manila folder and there before us is the car key. How did it get there? No idea. Moral of the story is, always put your key in the same pocket of your handbag [yes, yes, Peter always tells us… we know you’re reading Peter.] For this reason, we put pockets in all the bags we make. And now we’re feeling just a little silly for taping signs all over the building.

Since we’re on the subject, we thought it was important that we road test Penny. She’s our favorite clutch right now, partly because she’s one of the biggest we make. We like big bags because we can’t leave home without those-things-we-probably-won’t-use-but-have-to-bring-anyway-just-in-case. In our Penny we have: wallet, keys, coin purse, notebook, calendar, pen, cell phone, cosmetic bag, utility knife and pepper spray. A lot of crap, but we ‘need’ all of it and she holds it without breaking a sweat. We really like Penny and hope you do too, because we went ahead and made several of her.

Lately we’ve been so happy to get to work, now that we have a room dedicated to just that. Before, we used to have everything spread out all over the dining table, couch and living room rug… any horizontal space we could find. Finally, we have some sort of method to our madness – we have shelves, a real desk and cutting tables. Still, we have to take precautions and wear safety glasses when working the machine [that one accident almost cost us an eye]. Who ever thought this could be such a dangerous job.

Now that we have a true work space, we’re able to use our tools more efficiently. We’re really proud of this pin cushion we made. We got the idea during a trip to Solana Beach and thought it was neat. Yeah OK, we’re nerds. But trust us you’ll want to make one, too. All you need is a teacup and saucer [or something similar], a small fabric remnant, poly fill/fluff stuff, a glue gun and ten minutes. We love using ours and always smile when we stick it with needles. Hopefully the gal who gave us that teacup and saucer isn’t offended that we turned it into a pin cushion.

Robin, Pepper, Stevie.

We opened our store almost 48 hours ago and we’re continuing to load product. Just added a few items for you to check out.