Month: September 2010

P & P

Preserves and paint don’t have much in common.  Some how we’re going to make them friends in this post.

We’re too embarrassed to say how long it’s been since we’ve picked up a paint brush.  We’re rusty and in need of practice, so we’re only sharing a photo tidbit.  It’s far from done and if we can’t get it to look awesome, then we’re going to have to hang our heads in shame and use it as a bath mat.  We’ve been painting on naked canvas, throwing in some ink and pencil here and there.  Faces have always been our favorite thing to paint and draw. It’s the most accessible subject matter – they’re everywhere.  Simple by idea, but intricate and complex all at the same time.  We’re fascinated by faces.  The Millennium Trilogy is what got us interested in this project, but our attention could sway and it might end up taking a turn.  We’ll see.

While we were painting, our fresh figs were on the verge of rotting after sitting in the kitchen for only a few days.  Why does produce from TJ’s go bad so fast?  We didn’t have much of any raw ingredients lying around, except for a tub of sugar.  We found a recipe for really easy fig preserves [figs + sugar = fig preserves… works for us].  It called for 1 pound of fresh figs, which [according to our Google search] equates to about 12 small figs.  That didn’t sound right to us… only 12 measly figs? We’re not equipped with a fancy pants scale, so we eye-balled it and threw all the figs we had into a saucepan, mixed in 1 cup of sugar, mashed it up and cooked over low heat for at least an hour [the recipe said to cook for only 30 minutes, but who’s counting].  When the color and consistency looked desirable we removed the pan from heat.  Voila.  Sticky, sweet, spreadable figs.  Just super. 


That girl.

While in China, we breezed through The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the The Girl Who Played with Fire.  It took a few chapters before we were hooked, but after that we couldn’t put it down. Have you read the trilogy and seen any of the movies? What did you think? Just don’t tell us what happens in the third book! We’re not going to watch any of the films until we’ve read The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. Isn’t it better to read the book first, to conjure up your own ideas of how the characters should look and sound?  The movies are usually so-so and we can’t expect them to be any more than that.  But we have to watch them anyway, regardless of how bad they might be.  It only completes the experience.

We were at SPQR last night for an after dinner dinner – that’s not a typo; we really had two dinners in one night [we first dined at Sebo]. Yeah, we’re pigs.  Anyway, there was a woman at the counter who was intently reading halfway into The Girl Who Played with Fire.  It reminded us that we have to get going on the third book and finish the project we’ve been working on.  Stieg Larsson has inspired us to re-visit colored pencil.  And maybe paint.  Jiminy… we have creative ADD.

Operation Success.

One huge tooth extraction and two skin operations later, our mascot is one cranky animal. Thanks to a competent vet and her staff, the procedure went smoothly without any problems. We picked up our heavily medicated dog this afternoon, who had apparently been voicing his opinions and complaints to everyone at the clinic during the entire time he was conscious.  To your left, a photo of the monstrous tooth.  He’ll be back to normal in no time, making friends as usual.

Monday, Monday.

We had fun meeting new folks this past Sunday at Indie Mart. Our mascot, the fluffy white dog that you see in these photos, was also happy to greet visitors. A good time was had by all… nothing beats a hefty Bloody Mary on a Sunday afternoon. Peep more photos here.

Our “Name that bag” giveaway is still happening, but it will come to an end September 30th. If you haven’t put your names in the pot, what are you waiting for? Click here and don’t hold back!

Troubling news.
Our mascot is not the young pup he once was. Wish him the best as he goes into surgery tomorrow to have a tooth removed.  It’s a rather large one; three roots for just one tooth!  He’s also getting derma work done to rid himself of some pesky and unsightly… things. We’ll just leave it at that. Our awesome friend sent us these links on what questions to ask your vet before your animal goes under the knife. Those of you with pets should read these articles:
Link to Sfgate
Link to Examiner