Month: August 2010

Get your dose of art this Thursday.

Wonderland SF is having an artist exhibit this Thursday the 2nd, from 6-10.  There will be snacks, wine and Timmy Mays bags!  Pay the store a visit and support your local art folk.

Where: 2929 24th Street in San Francisco, between Florida and Alabama.


Indie Mart is coming.

A block party and craft Mecca rolled into one. Shop the wares of 100+ local designers while slurping down your beverage of choice. There will be food, bars, DJs and tons of cool sh*t to buy. Shop, schmooze and booze… what better way to spend your Sunday?


What: Indie Mart
When: Sunday, September 19th, 12-6.
Where: Thee Parkside @ 17th & Wisconsin Street in San Francisco.
Our Booth: M19.

Music to our ears.

Look at the pretty fabric that came in the mail today.  What do you think?  We’re excited about using them, only we don’t know in what form yet.  We feel another sleepless night looming.  When we’re up at 3am and it’s just us and the machine, we need stimulation to keep us going and coffee isn’t gonna cut it.  At times like these, we turn to our trusty iPod and listen to our favorite tunes.

Three things quickly come to mind that make us happy: Food, Art and Music.  Dad was an artist, musician and late night snacker who you’d catch at 12:30am eating half an apple pie à la mode, so I’m sure he’d say the same.  Countless hours we’ve spent burning the midnight oil [quite literally], listening to Muse, Diana [yes, we’re on first name basis] and Simon & Garfunkel.  Did we feel some noses wrinkle at that last mention?  No matter.  You don’t have to agree with our music taste in order to wear our bags.  Just know that a little bit of heart and soul is put into each one we make.  You can thank Karen for that.

Mass. police arrested man after finding kilo of cocaine inside a chunk of bologna!

Well… not really. We’re just trying to get your attention
to let you know we’ve added a new page to our site.
‘Here Ye’ is the home for news and announcements.

If you haven’t heard or visited ‘Here Ye’, we’re taking our first poll to name the newest addition to our family. We admit the family is small right now, but with your help it can grow. Please take a few minutes to share your ideas with us by taking our poll. If we end up naming our bag after your awesome suggestion, we’ll send you the bag so you can be our first road-tester!

Sounds like a plan to us. If you think so, too… click here.

Keep it or bag it?

One of the comments we were given at the Indie Mart last weekend was the need for a small, shoulder strap bag to be used for light travelling. We wanted to make something with a slim profile, reminiscent of the Prada Vela Messenger. You can see our version in the making here.  Our Prada Vela Messenger’esque has a deep outer pocket (with buckle and leather trim, of course), an inner pocket for keys or cell phone, an adjustable cotton strap for the tall or vertically challenged and a zippered main compartment.  Measures 10″ wide and 12″ high. 

What do you think? Keep it or bag it? Ooh… oh! Our first poll!